Vata Asli Compost

  • Conditions soil, enhances microbe activity, and activates soil nutrients.
  • Improves soil aeration and water absorption for healthier plants and trees.
  • Guaranteed 100% organic product.

Pure Biochar

  • Produced through the pyrolysis process.
  • Sourced from sustainable organic biomass, including dairy, palm, and other natural resource industries.
  • Enhanced with natural enzymes, minerals, and microbial additives.
  • Available in two forms: Raw Biochar and Activated Biochar.
  • Offered in both commercial and residential quantities.

Activated Compost with Biochar

  • Soil carbon sequestration
  • Increase and improve soil microbial
  • Improves fertiliser effectiveness through gradual release
  • Water filteration
  • Absorbs harmful gases & heavy metals

Al Turab Potting Mix

  • Contains rich palm compost, topsoil, charcoal powder, rice husk, micronutrients, burnt soil, sawdust, and fulvic acid.
  • Free from animal waste or chemical/semi-chemical additives.
  • Suitable for home users, nurseries, and farm owners.

Verde Wood Vinegar

  • High-quality wood vinegar extracted from recycled organic biomass waste during pyrolysis.
  • A natural plant enzyme that outperforms harmful chemicals, promoting soil fertility and plant growth.
  • Available in both commercial and residential quantities.